A display of art by Corrie Searle is available at Portsea Village Resort.

Corrie is a visual artist who works with acrylics to create dynamic and unusual abstract art.
She is from Sydney and lives in Melbourne, with a Dutch heritage and a family full of creatives.
A natural-born artist, Corrie is completely self-taught and creates her art using dirty and Dutch pouring techniques.
Corrie recycles the skins from her art to create handmade jewellery and magnets.

You can find more of Corrie’s art HERE

Commission Work

Commissioning is a special way to create art that is made just for you!
If you are interested in commissioning a personal painting by Corrie Searle, please contact me on cornelia@portseavillageresort.com stipulating your desired colours, size etc…and I will arrange a quote with details regarding deposit and further payments details.