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    The Nepean Historical Society will promote in the general community, a knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the Nepean Ward of the Mornington Peninsula Shire and the western end of the Nepean Peninsula.

    - NHS Constitution 2007

    Speaking of 'Nepean Ward', we have recently had this marvellous and rare map returned from restoration made possible by a generous donation from Sorrento Rotary . The map is a traced copy of another map and is dated September 1869. It shows land sales and secured allotments throughout the Parish of Nepean in the County of Mornington.

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    Portsea Lagoon is one of the three remaining dunal depressions on the Nepean Peninsula. The lagoon is a natural ephemeral wetland which is due to seasonal variations in both groundwater elevation and weather patterns. Following a dry spell the lagoon fills up with water and after a couple of weeks of inundation the wetland plants grow and the aquatic insects hatch out attracting a wide collection of bird species.

    From the viewing platform off Ibis Way in Portsea, the elegant Black Winged Stilts can be seen foraging for aquatic food within the shallows, duck species like the blue Billed Ducks can be observed diving for food in deeper water, Heron species can be seen hunting for amphibians and Eurasian Coot nests made from reeds can be seen floating on top of the deeper water.

    You can visit Portsea Lagoon all year round.

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    Indigenous language specialist and Boonwurrung Elder Carolyn Briggs talks about the role of language in shaping identity. She explains how the markings on the possum skin cloak communicate customs and land maps to other tribes.

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